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About Urban Reader Bookstore

What’s unique about Urban Reader Bookstore, which specializes in banned books and books for people of color—thousands of new books—and its personalized service: once we know what you’re looking for, we will buy accordingly and ship it to your home or business.

We are accepting event invitations for our bookmobile Don't miss out on the opportunity to host our bookmobile at your event, bringing a treasure trove of literature to your doorstep. Urban Reader Bookstore is your bridge to a world of captivating stories and knowledge, delivered directly to your home or business with our signature personalized touch.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Urban Reader Bookstore because we specialize in African American literature, offering thousands of new books and an exceptional personalized service. We take the time to understand your reading preferences and handpick books that resonate with your interests, all while accepting event invitations for our convenient bookmobile service.

Let us be your gateway to the vibrant world of African American stories and culture. Our commitment to celebrating diverse voices and perspectives is at the core of what makes us unique. We're not just a bookstore; we're a community that brings literature to your doorstep, making it easier than ever to access the books you love. Join us on this literary journey, where your reading experience is our top priority.


Urban Reader Bookstore's personalized service transformed my reading experience; they know my preferences better than I do

CharlotteNorth Carolina

Discovering African American literature has never been easier, thanks to Urban Reader Bookstore's personalized service

QuinSan Francisco