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If you are a local author who has recently self-published a book, congratulations! Urban Reader Bookstore proudly supports the local author community. We offer dedicated space in our bookmobile for books by local and independent authors as well as hosting book signings and book launch parties throughout the year. We also offer limited children’s story-time events. Story-times are by invite only.

If you have a new book you are interested in selling at our store, please read through the guidelines and instructions below.

Submission Guidelines and Instructions:

Queries will be accepted only during the “open” submission periods (see below).
Books must have the author’s name(s) and title on the spine.
Books must have an ISBN.
Books must be written within the past year.

QUALITY CHECK: Before submitting, consider the following questions. There is no need to answer them, but these are some of the questions we will ask ourselves while reviewing your title or product:

Is the product professionally bound or manufactured?
Is the jacket art or packaging pixelated?
Is the product design attractive to customers?
Does the text have excessive typographical / typesetting errors?
Does the text have excessive copy-editing errors?
Are there any production quality issues?
Is the product’s pricing competitive?

If your book meets the above criteria, we welcome you to submit a query during our open submission periods. Your email should be sent to The subject line of the email should contain the title of your book and your name. Your email should contain the responses to the questions below. Your responses should be numbered to correspond with the numbers on the questions. Your responses should be in the BODY of the email, and not sent as a separate attachment.

A 3-4 sentence synopsis of the book
A 3-4 sentence bio
A link to your webpage (if applicable)
Retail price of book
A statement of why your book is a good fit for our store.
How you plan to market your book to our customers.
Please attach an image of the cover of your book.

Every year, open submission periods are the months of:

March (closed)
Books submitted outside of the submission periods will not be considered.

Our staff will review your query. In doing so, some questions we ask ourselves:

Did the author follow the above instructions?
Does the book meet the requirements?
Is your book a good fit for our store?
If we are interested in your query, we will request a copy of the book for review. Please do not send a copy of your book unsolicited! Review copies will not be returned. We will consider your responses and physical book and communicate our decision via email.

More questions? Contact us at

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